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Palomar Laser Resurfacing

Tired of dull, uneven skin? Bring back that youthful radiance and glow with Palomar laser skin resurfacing at First OC Dermatology!

What is Palomar Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Palomar laser skin resurfacing is the latest in innovative, non-ablative renewal treatments. It works by combining Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy and fractional skin resurfacing laser technology for a versatile, thorough solution. Together, these treatments treat both the surface and deeper layers of skin, promoting natural healing and regeneration from the inside out.

 The Palomar laser skin resurfacing device creates hundreds of microscopic, concentrated beams of laser energy which penetrate the skin deeply, heating the underlying layers to encourage collagen production and skin cell turnover. By using your body’s natural healing process to regenerate your skin from within, Palomar is an excellent choice for most anti-aging and skin resurfacing needs.

What are the Benefits of Palomar Laser Treatments?

Palomar laser skin treatments are versatile, require little to no downtime, and each session can easily fit into the busiest schedule.

As an alternative to other skin resurfacing techniques, Palomar laser care is great for:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishing the appearance of scars
  • Addressing hyperpigmentation and sun spots
  • Improving skin’s overall texture
  • Tightening loose and sagging skin

Am I A Good Candidate for Palomar?

For most patients, Palomar laser skin resurfacing treatments are a great, non-surgical and non-ablative option for treating unwanted signs of aging, skin texture issues, and other concerns quickly and easily. However, your dermatologist or laser treatment specialist may consult with you about other options if they determine Palomar isn’t the best course of care for your needs.

You may want to consider other options if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have certain conditions that may be triggered by laser treatments
  • You have a deeper complexion
  • Your specific skin concern is more significant than can be addressed by laser
  • You take certain medications, such as blood thinners

Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have about laser skin resurfacing treatment with your provider prior to your first session. Our team at First OC Dermatology is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

What are the Risks of Palomar Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Palomar laser skin resurfacing is well-tolerated by most patients, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. Some patients have more sensitive skin that can react adversely to the process, though typical symptoms are mild and clear on their own in just a few days. These side effects can include:

  • Skin sensitivity
  • A sunburn-like sensation
  • Temporary redness and swelling
  • Itchiness

It is important to make sure you only receive Palomar and any other laser skin treatments from a licensed and accredited professional to reduce your risks of experiencing more significant side effects or reactions. These can include:

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Blistering
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation

With First OC Dermatology, you can be confident in your decision to revitalize your skin with Palomar laser treatments. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced laser technicians and dermatology specialists prioritize your safety and well-being when performing this and any of our laser options. We take the time to understand you and your skin needs to fully customize your treatment experience from start to finish.


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