Clinical Trials

Dr. Tien Nguyen and his medical team are on the forefront of many clinical research trials. These trials are for national research and FDA registries.

We currently are running trials for:

– psoriasis

– acne

– atopic dermatitis

– hidradenitis suppurativa

– and others… (please inquire)

Clinical trials are meant to improve the knowledge and safety data of medical conditions and related therapies. It is important to Dr. Tien Nguyen to stay current with the newest therapies available as well as choosing the safest & most optimal treatments for patients. Advancements in medicine are achieved by clinical trials and the data acquired is crucial to further understanding clinical disease.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions and are interested in participating in a clinical trial, you can email us at or visit one of our office locations for more information. Our clinical trials are supported by pharmaceutical companies monitored through the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Institutional Review Boards (IRB).  Qualified study patient participants are evaluated and treated at no cost, as well as reimbursed for their travel expenses and time.

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